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Cattle, Sheep farmers, hoof trimmers and veterinarians can now work without antibiotics. Hoof-fit Gel is the world’s first antibiotic-free product that can be used officially to tackle Digital Dermatitis.

Intracare now introduces a new line extentsion: the Repiderma spray in an aerosol can.

Repiderma is a skin care product with immediate effect. The active ingredients are chelated minerals which – unlike traditional minerals – can be absorbed easily by the skin. Therefore, Repiderma is not only active ‘on’ the skin but also ‘under’ and within’ the skin. The process is intensified because the chelated minerals are micronized, using the latest nanotechnology techniques.

Adhesion and protection. Repiderma contains adhesive substances, ensuring a long contact time with the skin. In addition to these adhesive substances, Repiderma contains numerous active ingredients that protect the skin against external influences. After applying the spray Repiderma forms a semi-permeable protective layer on the skin. Negative external influences can not longer penetrate the skin, while the layer still allows oxygen to help treat and repair the skin.

Repiderma can be used on dairy cattle, horses, sheep and pigs. The product can be used in every situation where infections have to be prevented and where weak spots in the epidermis or the skin can use a boost.

Repiderma is available in a 250ml aerosol can.

Please note: Repiderma does contain Copper so please do not allow sheep to ingest for safety reasons

Also please be aware it is essential to shake well before use.
If not shaken properly Repiderma may run off

Ideal Spraying Distance 15 to 25cm

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Weight 0.25 kg
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Individual, 12 pack


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