Electric Foot Trimming Crush




This crush has been developed for progressive dairy farms were routine trimming is carried out on a daily basis. This cattle foot trimming crush has nearly the same possibilities as a professional contractors model at a fraction of the cost.

It is also an ideal crush for carrying out other tasks like drying off cows, udder singeing etc.

The crush is equipped with the following items:

Self-locking yoke
The cow closes the yoke by itself. No need to pull a rope or push a button at the right moment, with the chance of the animal escaping. Yoke opens outwards and is a fixed position.
Mechanical rear bar
Fixes the hind foot securely. The animal can’t kick and it’s safer to use a grinder and easier to glue a block on. Rear bar fits all cows and is manually ratcheted into position. Opens automatically via a lever at the side of the crush.
A rear chain
Which means it can also be used for other routine jobs such as AI and vet inspections.
5x 240 volt electric motors
Both front footrests, the wide bellyband and the hind leg hoist all have electric motors. Each motor can be operated where needed. Two extra strong motors are used on the belly band, to make sure the cow can have the weight taken off her feet.

Two double hinged gates
Placed on each side of the crush, these help getting the cows in the crush.
Wide Floor
The trimming crush has a wider floor so the cow never steps next to the floor. The floor has been constructed in such a way that the crush can not be overturned by the animal.
There is a boom that swings 180’D with angle grinder holder ,L.E.D light and tray incorporated into it along with sockets on the side of the crush.

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