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Cattle foot trimming service

We provide complete cattle foot trimming services, for your herd

  • Providing a specialised cattle hoof trimming service from individual cows to whole herds.
  • Full time cattle foot trimmer since 2001
  • Computerised records ideal for farm assurance.
  • Trimming both curative and preventative using the dutch method
  • Fully qualified and licensed hoof care specialist, attending Regular refresher courses keeping skills/knowledge up to date using the latest equipment & techniques.

Why you should have your cows’ hooves trimmed

  • Prevents serious problems including lameness
  • Increases rolling herd average
  • A cow that stands well will eat well and produce well
  • Treatment of existing problems such as toe necrosis , ulcers, digital dermatitis and more
  • Keeps cows in your herd longer
  • Applies to all breeds of cows


Cattle Foot Crush, guillotine cutter, hoof oil