Manual Foot trimming Crush




This crush features many of the features of the electric crush ,but at a two thirds of the price of the electric crush, and is targeted as an entry level foot trimming crush.

Locking front gate with bar that shuts via a pulley at the side.

Front leg straps have manual ergonomic winch for lifting each foot.

Manual belly band is well geared for easy lifting of the largest cattle with quick release straps

Electric motor to lift the rear feet to aid and speed up trimming .

Sockets on side of the crush for grinders , heat gun etc

Back bar to assist cattle into crush and make trimming safer , the same bar as on the electric model.

Funnel gates with grinder holder to help guide cattle into crush.

Rubber matting as standard with larger rear stabalisers so that the crush can not be overturned by the animal.

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